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Main Control System of Multifunctional and High Power :
1. The system maximum power up to 48KW,achieved 16pcs lamps by one controller;
2. Multi-module DC power supply, Average-current management, Rotation management, all guarantee the control system maximum life;
3. Human-Computer interaction “Touch” operation experience;
4. High standard system allocation with Power record, External intelligent control, Bus control, External temperature monitoring, Fluid pressure monitoring, Intelligent alarm and Automatically Power off if any failure.
Efficient and Energy Saving:
Independently develop the most advanced digital power conversion module, its effective conversion rate up to 98%m; its hardware allocation is on the same quality level with China Mobile, China Telecom , and China Unicom.
Constant and Average current control circuit, Independent R&D, Precise current control, High efficiency, Low energy consumption.
Efficient water cooling structure, effectively control lamp temperature, ensure all LED chips work at the optimum temperature, greatly extend the using life.
High Conversion Rate UV LED--Saving energy; Precise and less clutter wavelength, no harm wave—Protect environment; Cogeneration separation design - Long life.
CAN Bus communication, use car communications ideas, scalable, grouping, define the address freely.
By controlling the water temp, control electronic components’ temp, ensure them working at optimum temp, guarantee its stability at high temperature. Also, convenient and easy to take, clean water can carry and diffuse the electronic components’ heat to the outdoor, lowering workplace temperature, decreasing energy consumption.

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